Urban Decay Naked Nail Set – Inspired By The Cult Favorite Shadow Collection

Urban Decay Naked Nail Set – Inspired By The Cult Favorite Shadow Collection

I’ve wondered more than once if Urban Decay will continue to launch only shadow palettes in its now industry renowned Naked collection, and the answer is quite obvious a No. Joining its Naked craze, the trend-setting brand has recently released the Naked Nail Set, which includes 6 beautiful shades based on some of its most sought-after eyeshadow colors.

The kit comes in a sturdy foam box, which is great to store the polishes in. However, I do have to complain about this packaging because it’s extremely difficult to get the bottles out as they are somewhat “stuck” in the container. I had to actually use a knife and “pop” each polish out.

These polishes look mundane upon the first sight but are absolutely stunning in person and on nails. They run a bit thin, so you’ll need at least 2 coats to achieve an even and rich finish.

Fine, I admit that I purchased this kit because I’m a big fan of the Naked shadows, so I wasn’t really expecting much quality wise. I got it for the colors, but these polishes really surprised me with their great performance and long lasting nature. Without a base or top coat, I was able to get through a whole week with minor chippings. And not to mention that the finished nail colors are opaque and vibrant.

The 6 nail shades are

  1. Naked
  2. Sidecar
  3. Toasted
  4. Smog
  5. Hustle
  6. Creep

Yes, these are named after the corresponding eyeshadow colors in the original Naked Palette.

Naked is probably my favorite out of this kit because it’s a gorgeous nude, which is just classy and beautiful.

Just like the unique shadow that it’s matched with, Sidecar is a shimmered bronze shade that looks very different in person. It’s a great everyday color for girls like myself who works in a somewhat conservative office setting. It provides a “pop” to your nails without attracting unwanted attention.

Toasted is a shimmered brown shade with pink undertone. It’s a beautiful color on my lid but unfortunately not so great on my nails. It simply looks dull and unflattering for my skin tone.

Smog is a dark bronze color that changes under different lighting and works universally for all skin colors.

Hustle, a dark purple shade, is perfect for the Fall and Winter months. 2 coats give a rich and opaque finish that is chip free and durable.

Creep is an onyx color infused with silver shimmers. I really enjoyed this dark shade, which is truly breathtaking and is a unique twist of the common black nails.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this purchase. At 0.16 oz a bottle, these run a bit on the smaller side, but they’re perfect for some of us who probably have accumulated enough polishes for the rest of our life. I adore the opaque finish and the long lasting result. And they are certainly an essential part of a great nail polish collection if you fancy the awesome Naked shadows.

Would you be picking up this set? And I’d love to learn which one is your favorite shadow from the entire Naked collection so far. Let’s talk in the comments.