Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder – My Favorite Physicians Formula Makeup Products

Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder – My Favorite Physicians Formula Makeup Products

After a few trips to my local drugstore, I have been immersing myself with Physicians Formula goodies. There are some veteran products, but many are the newest assortments. Let me introduce to you my top 3 selections from the brand to achieve a beautiful makeup look with.

I’ve not loving the bulky and tacky packaging, but that’s just my personal preference.

The Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder ($13.99 for 8.3g) is one of the latest addition to this expanding market of BB inventions. This paraben free and non-comedogenic powder is a multipurpose beauty tool for a flawless makeup look.

Like similar BB products, this lacks color matching options and comes in only 2 shades – light/medium and medium/deep. The former is slightly darker than my MAC NC20 skin tone, but the tiny difference is almost unnoticeable.

The compact is quite user friendly with a giant mirror for convenient application and contains a face brush that actually works well.

Initially, I had little confidence in the included brush because most applicators that come with products are simply useless and often counterproductive. This brush, however, is extremely easy to use after a few practices. Dip the flat brush in the powder and gently brush horizontally across the skin. It distributes the product evenly and effortlessly, providing a natural finish with light to medium coverage (buildable as well).

Power products are always my least favorites for they tend to accentuate my large pores. I’m happy to report that the Physicians Formula Beauty Balm Powder is extremely effective at concealing imperfections and creating a smooth and impeccable canvas.

Applies like liquid foundation and wears like a matte veil, this silky and extra fine powder works to even out skin tone and to diffuse the appearance of pores. Its texture is light and creamy and feels almost like a cream base rather than a traditional powder product, which often leads to a dry, flat, and flaky finish.

Although a matte powder, this contains a very subtle and beautiful sheen, which helps to avoid a dull and flat look. It’s quite powerful at oil control, and after a long 9 hours on my extremely oily skin, it has turned into a lovely satin finish without an overwhelming greasy impression.

Overall, Physicians Formula has really hit the jackpot with this product. It’s a unique and one of a kind innovation among the vast selection of BB Creams and similar beauty products. Despite being a powder base with few color options, this works excellently on any less than perfect skin that needs just the right amount of coverage and a dazzling glow for a youthful and charming look. It creates the ideal canvas for both natural and dramatic makeups. I’d highly recommend this product for combination and oily skin or for anyone who desires that photoshopped model look. It looks like Physicians Formula is creating quite a buzz with some of their new Spring 2013 products.

What are some of your favorites? And for those who shop at CVS regularly, did you take advantage of the recent 50% off sale?