Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner|The Next Best Thing To Permanent Makeup

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner|The Next Best Thing To Permanent Makeup

With oily eyelids, some makeup just slide off right away even when prepped with a primer or base. Thus, you can understand my excitement when I encounter an outstanding product that doesn’t melt off of my face at the end of the day. If you have similar concern, you’ll definitely love and go crazy for the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($20 for 0.016 oz). Stila+Stay+All+Day+Waterproof+Liquid+Eye+Liner%EF%BD%9CThe+Next+Best+Thing+To+Permanent+Makeup+02

This waterproof liquid liner is the epitome of a perfect and long-lasting eyeliner that once applied stays put and smudge-free. It isn’t going anywhere whether you are soaked in pouring rain or cried yourself a little river. That is very impressive. Stila_Stay_All_Day_Waterproof_Liquid_Eye_Liner_The_Next_Best_Thing_To_Permanent_Makeup_03 Stila%20Stay%20All%20Day%20Waterproof%20Liquid%20Eye%20Liner___The%20Next%20Best%20Thing%20To%20Permanent%20Makeup%2004

What I love the most about this liner is that it dries almost immediately. I hate waiting for makeup to dry/set/finish (I can be very impatient sometimes), so this scores another point. I find its colors very saturated and intense. I can layer this on top of other products and shadows and still get a strong look. Stila+Stay+All+Day+Waterproof+Liquid+Eye+Liner%EF%BD%9CThe+Next+Best+Thing+To+Permanent+Makeup+05 Stila%20Stay%20All%20Day%20Waterproof%20Liquid%20Eye%20Liner___The%20Next%20Best%20Thing%20To%20Permanent%20Makeup%2006

The extremely thin tip is surprisingly good at drawing both sharp lines and thicker ones. Like any other liquid liners, familiarity and precision come after some initial practices so don’t be afraid to play around with it until you are comfortable.


I’ve had Intense Black for quite a while now, and there are still tons of products left. It’s a very dark black color with a glossy finish. It’s definitely not glittery or sparkly but has a very nice sheen when dried. Originally, I wanted to pick up Turquoise, which is a stunning bluish green. Unfortunately, the limited edition shade sold out before I could get my hands on it, so I settled for Moss – a deep forest green color. It’s decent to be used as a regular dark liner but is also vibrant enough for fun looks. Unlike Intense Black, Moss dries to a matte finish.

Stila_Stay_All_Day_Waterproof_Liquid_Eye_Liner_The_Next_Best_Thing_To_Permanent_Makeup_08 The bottom line is that this is an excellent product and another exceptional creation from Stila. It goes on smoothly and lasts through even my craziest days.


I can’t find anything unpleasant about these Stila liners. They are long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-free. The vivid pigmentation makes them a necessity for any makeup lovers. Price may be a little high compared to drugstore brands, but they are worth every penny. Quality and performance are flawless, so I’ll have to stock up on the next round of Sephora sales. What is your favorite eyeliner? Do you only wear black ones on a daily basis? Or how about some colorful pops to the eyes? Let me know in the comments below happy        ~Angela