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Simple Floral Nail Art For Spring!

Floral prints are everywhere this spring/summer 2020 from heavily floral printed trousers to vintage inspired floral summer dresses. However a great nod towards the trend without the designer price tag is to create your own floral nail art! The print is surprisingly easy to achieve on the nails when you know how; it just includes nail polish and one key item – a hair grip/bobby pin!

What you will need:

 A base nail polish (nude or turquoise works well), a red, light pink and green nail polish, an opened out hair grip, a saucer or piece of paper, small nail art or eyeliner brush (optional) and a clear top coat.

1. Paint all your nails with your chosen base colour (as seen at the top, alternate shades look good)
2. Using an old saucer or piece of paper pour a little of both the red and pink nail polish out next to each other (you want around a 5p sized amount of both). It is fine if they start to merge slightly.
3. Using your opened out hair grip (or dotting tool if you have one) you want to drip the end into the two nail polishes and pick up a bit of both shades. Then you want to start creating your floral print!
4. For each flower you want to create a small ring of dots with your hair grip. Depending on the size you want the flowers you can dot on 4-6 dots.

5. To finish off the flower you want to place a dot of the pink nail polish in the centre to fill in any gaps.
6. You want to create 4-5 flowers per nail (or if you are stuck for time just painting the floral print on to the ring finger nail as an accent can look great).
7. Next to make the flowers look more realistic pour a small amount of green nail polish on to your saucer or piece of paper and using a small brush of any kind just lightly paint a few lines going out from each flower (you could try this with the other end of the hair grip if you don’t have a brush small enough).
8. Once your nails are nearly dry finish off with a good application of your favourite top coat.

Nail polishes used – Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Ivory Rose (base shade), Models Own Jade Stone (base shade), Revlon All Fired Up, Barry M Strawberry Ice-cream, Beauty UK Go Green, OPI RapiDry Top Coat.

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