Philosophy Facial Cleansers|The Good, The Bad and The Holy Grail

If you are considering a new facial cleanser for summer, I have some great recommendations for you today. Check out these excellent choices from Philosophy. Personally, I think it’s one of the best beauty brands when it comes to products for a through and effective daily cleansing routine.

If you are not familiar with Philosophy’s facial cleansing line, you’ll want to start with its cult favorite Purity Made Simple ($10 – $50.50 for 3 oz – 32 oz).

Yes, a simple and one-step solution for daily cleansing and caring of your skin. This award winning facial cleanser is very gentle but still has potent abilities to remove makeup. With moderate amount (even waterproof) of foundation and eye makeup, I can skip a separate makeup remover. It leaves my face refreshed and clean without drying it out.


A little goes a long way, so you’ll only need a tiny bit each time. Although not the best for creating lots of lather, this cleanser is amazing and may just be that perfect one you are searching for. I would highly recommend this for all skin types, especially normal, combination, and oily skin.

Philosophy%20Facial%20Cleansers___The%20Good,%20The%20Bad%20and%20The%20Holy%20Grail%2004 Philosophy%20Facial%20Cleansers___The%20Good,%20The%20Bad%20and%20The%20Holy%20Grail%2005

For normal and dry skin, I would suggest the Purity Made Simple High-Foaming Daily Cleanser (price varies for 6 oz – 12 oz), which has been discontinued. However, you can still locate stocks at a few beauty retailers. This is great for those who want a mild cleanser, but if you wear heavy makeup or have extremely oily skin then this is not suitable for you.

It’s just average – not terrible but not spectacular either. I do enjoy its foamy lather, but overall the performance is disappointing. Its cleansing ability is quite weak, and I don’t reach for it often. You’ll have to pump a large amount to cover the entire face, so ultimately the department store price tag can’t be justified.

Philosophy%20Facial%20Cleansers___The%20Good,%20The%20Bad%20and%20The%20Holy%20Grail%2007 Philosophy%20Facial%20Cleansers___The%20Good,%20The%20Bad%20and%20The%20Holy%20Grail%2008
And if you are not completely satisfied yet, here is a neat product to spice up your cleansing routine. The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash ($8 – $60 for 2 oz – 32 oz) is a gentle and mild combination of your daily face wash and weekly exfoliator. It’s designed to cleanse, detox, and balance the skin on a daily basis and will not irritate even sensitive and dry skin. Philosophy%20Facial%20Cleansers___The%20Good,%20The%20Bad%20and%20The%20Holy%20Grail%2009
The tiny exfoliating beads inside are great at alleviating congested skin but are also non-abrasive. This isn’t going to remove your makeup, so you’ll need something else for that. Otherwise, this mild cleanser gets the job done and leaves the skin smooth and baby soft for a healthy glow. I recommend this for dry, normal, and combination skin. So, did I offer you some good options for your next facial cleanser? There are many alternatives out there, but when it comes down to quality, performance, and price, these Philosophy products are great deals. There is a match for each type of skin, and if you are highly tolerable, selections are endless.

              Skin Type                               Product
All Purity Made Simple
Normal, Dry Purity Made Simple High-Foaming Cleanser
Dry, Normal, Combination The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

With warmer months approaching, I’ll definitely need to stock up on some of my favorite cleansers. Is there one that you would like to recommend? Let me know in the comments winking     ~ Angela