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Hi I’m Alyssa! A lifestyle blogger at 21 year old, working full time in Pastry for a restaurant and catering residing in Toronto, ON Canada. I am currently working in the Hospitality Industry and I am an apprentice pastry chef. I work mostly in catering but also serve desserts to the restaurant that is owned. My passion is for baking but I love savory snacks too, I love just about any kind of snack. I also have interests in other things like animals, photography, welding, being outdoors, and of course beauty and sometimes fashion. I decided to start blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts with people on the products I purchase and receive and also to establish a great network of bloggers whom I can relate to and read their blogs as well. I had no idea what a big community there is out there for bloggers like myself. I am so grateful to have worked with some amazing companies as well.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Birthday: 05 Oct
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Brunette
  • Hair Condition: Frizzy,Damaged,Dandruff,Split ends,Flat,Thinning,Dull,Dry,Fine
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin tone: Fair