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Liquid vs. Powder Foundation

Whether you are liquid lover or pro powder, we all want to know which is best for our skin—powder or liquid foundation? So, in this liquid vs. powder foundation beauty debate, we are going to give you the beauty breakdown of both, revealing the pretty pros and the not-so pretty cons, as well as revealing which product will give you that second skin of flawlessness for your skin type.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation Pros:

One of the biggest pros of liquid foundation is its manoeuvrable mar-free magic. It prettifies places powder can’t go, can’t cover, or can make oh-so noticeable, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pores, dry patches, etc. From mattifying to oil free, to combination, there is one that’ll provide you with the coverage you crave. Another liquid foundation pro: just a little goes a long way! And it’s perfect for giving you a dose of delightful moisture on a cold day or if you have dry skin.

Liquid Foundation Cons: 

Your liquid foundation must match your skin tone exactly. Or else you get the dreaded demarcation lines or ‘tide marks’.  This is one of those liquid foundation cons that you cannot get wrong. Another con is those pore-clogging no-good ingredients, such as mineral oils that are found in most liquid foundations.

Liquid Foundation Tip: If you have spot-prone, oily, or sensitive skin, check the label before you invest in the liquid.

SSB’s Fave Liquid Foundations: Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free MakeupLancome Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator-Bare Skin Perfection.

Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation Pros: 

For oily or spot prone skin or on ridiculously hot day, it’s the oil-soaking saviour that also saves you from spots as it doesn’t creep into pores.  Another powder foundation pro, you don’t have to blend as much to get its beautifying magic. Plus, a fine dusting of powder over liquid foundation can give more stay-put power.

Powder Foundation Cons:

The biggest con is the can’t-avoid cakiness. Try to get more coverage, you’ll get more cakiness. Even if you go light, after a few hours on a hot day, you’ll see its cakey con. And when it comes to covering fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, etc., powder foundation can sometimes settle into them, making them viciously visible.

Powder Foundation Tip: To get more coverage without the cakey con, go for a mineral powder foundation. It’s finely milled magic will give you that non-settling sublime second skin.

SSB’s Fave Powder Foundations: Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen.

What about Foundation Primers?

The liquid vs. powder foundation debate isn’t over. Because primers can give both more beauty bonuses, such as moisturising dry skin or mattifying oily skin – making skin the perfect canvas for coverage.

So who won? The truth is when it comes to liquid vs. powder foundation, it’s about choosing the one that gives our skin type that photoshop-esque perfection. And the only way real way to find that lust-after liquid or perfecting powder foundation is to sample it before you spend on it. At SSB, we are definitely liquid lovers. But we are always on the look out for something better. So, if you’ve got one, powder or liquid foundation, that covers-and-looks-barely-there, we want to know about it!

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