Hitting the gym can get a little lonely, not to mention boring. Guys have it down, lifting heavy while spotting each other and catching up at the same time but for those ladies who love cardio – intervals on a treadmill never leaves room for a giggle, let alone a catchup! It’s time to makes things a little more interesting which is while I grabbed my gorgeous friends to help me film a new video for you all based on partnered bodyweight workouts using no equipment.

There are over 15 bodyweight exercises in my YouTybe Video below, each one works a different area of your body and can be done using no equipment other than another person of your choice. I would LOVE for you all to tag me in photos or videos of you completing these exercises – if you have as much fun doing them as we did filming them then I know you’ll have some comedy gold moments!

Thank you for stopping by! Would love to hear if you have any other ideas for bodyweight exercises! x-x