Laura Jade

Just another girl who loves her beauty products πŸ™‚

Member since Sep 2012

My name’s Laura, i’m twenty years old and from a rubbish little town called Hemsworth in West Yorkshire. I’m constantly looking for new products to use and can never settle for one thing, which my purse is feeling the backlash from. I love blushers, eyeshadows and eyes that stand out. I’m not a professional make-up artist (sadly), but i’m learning as I go along πŸ™‚

  • Location: Hemsworth
  • Birthday: 21 Sep
  • Age: 22
  • Eye Colour: Blue Grey
  • Hair Colour: Brunette
  • Hair Condition: Frizzy,Damaged,Dandruff,Split ends,Flat,Dry,Fine
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin tone: Fair