Julep Neon Nail Dips – Ultra Bright Is Not Just For Teenyboppers

Julep Neon Nail Dips – Ultra Bright Is Not Just For Teenyboppers

Once we pass the early 20s, bright colors seem to gradually fade away from our wardrobe. However, the right amount of color adds that instant pop to any outfits. And who said we can’t just rock neon accents because fluorescent trends aren’t just for youngsters.

If you are a little color shy to try out vibrant hues, incorporating some bright pieces into your outfits is a great way to accessorizes. I’ve recently tried out the Julep Neon Nail Dips ($12), and although I can’t say that I’m completely sold on the products inside, it’s definitely a unique concept to work some neon elements into my everyday ensemble.

Compared to the popular Ciaté manicure sets (read my reviews here), this runs a bit small, and each dip kit comes with

  • Ultra Pink Glitter Pot (0.09 oz.)
  • Hot Magenta Glitter Pot (0.09 oz.)
  • Julep Top Coat (0.27 oz.)
  • Nail Brush

The top coat gets the job done but is nothing spectacular. Actually, this doesn’t work for me as well as the Glitter Grip from Ciaté. But as a regular top coat, this is wonderful.

The included nail brush is used to dust off excessive glitters, but the tiny brush is somewhat lackluster for this purpose. Seeing how well Ciaté products did, it definitely comes as a surprise that nail experts like Julip don’t construct their products for the best user experiences.

The 2 neon shades are gorgeous, especially Ultra Pink, which is a lovely color that really adds eye-popping elements to my entire look. However, the glitters are a little bit rough.

To achieve chic neon nails, please prepare yourself for massive fallout and tedious cleaning afterward.

Start off the application process with a thin layer of top coat. My trick for this step is to keep it extremely thin. Thinking that glitters will adhere better to a thick base, I made the mistake the first time by brushing on a generous amount, which turned out to be awful. Before the top coat dries up, quickly dip your fingers into the glitter pot. You’ll soon learn that the container is so small that you can barely get evenly covered nails. The solution for this problem is to pour some glitters onto a piece of paper, and then roll your fingers up side down over the glitters. As I’ve mentioned, the mini nail brush is petite. You are better off to use a spare makeup brush to buff off the excessive glitters.

Despite the average products and the slightly dreadful application, the finished result is quite beautiful and appealing. The neon effect is very obvious and definitely adds a shocking effect to my look.

I’m going to admit that I’m a fan of how this looks. It even seems to have a brightening effect on my hands. However, this lovely result is temporary because it only lasts at most 3 days.

The trendy neon nails are beautiful and stylish, but personally, the arduous process and the short-lived result isn’t worth it for me to go through all that trouble. And since the glitter quality isn’t top notch, you can easily purchase cheaper substitutes from your local craft stores. Please also keep in mind that the textured finish will not be pleasing for anyone who desires a smooth and glossy finish. However, the lower price (compared to similar products) makes it more affordable for people who just want to give this avant garde nails a try.

Did I convince you to experiment with more bright colored pieces in your outfits? What is your view on this upcoming neon trend for Spring and Summer?