How To Achieve The Bitten Lips In 5 Minutes

How To Achieve The Bitten Lips In 5 Minutes

If you follow beauty trends in Asia recently, you’ve probably been bombarded with bloggers (and everyone else) talking about the “Bitten Lips”. It’s nothing new but a revamped makeup look that took over many Asian countries in a storm. And it’s all thanks to the beautiful Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) who sports her now famous “Bitten Lips” look in her on-air drama I Miss You (보고싶다).

And the craze certainly didn’t stop when people found out the brand behind her signature pink lips because the same colored lipstick is now sold out in most Shu Uemura counters. However, it’s extremely easy to achieve her sexy lips with a few simple and still widely available products.

Products I used in this tutorial,

  1. a foundation or concealer
  2. a clear lip balm or gloss
  3. and your favorite lipstick

For this look, you can go with any color you prefer. I ended up using my beloved NYX lipsticks in Louisiana and Fire.

Start with your bare lips.

STEP 1: For girls with naturally pale lips, you can actually skip this step. Otherwise, cover your lips with a foundation or concealer.

STEP 2: Apply your favorite lipstick onto the middle part of your lips.

STEP 3: Apply a clear lip balm or gloss to the outer part of your lips. Lightly mix the clear lip balm and the lipstick stain. Repeat step 2 if needed.

And there you have it, the sexy and beautiful Bitten Lips. I finished this look in less than 5 minutes, and I’ve been loving it. It’s the new hot trend in Asia, and I’m seeing more and more celebrities joining the bandwagon. I hope you like this quick tutorial, and I’m off to catch up on some k-dramas. Angela