FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Where are you from? I reside with my family in Southern California, and we’ve lived here for over 10 years now. I love the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. Previously, I have lived in various countries in Asia. Do you have any pets? I have an adorable Maine Coon named Angie, and my family adopted her from an animal shelter a few years ago. What is your skin type? Unfortunately, I do have extremely oily skin that is prone to acne. What shade are you in MAC? I am light to medium, and I’m about a NC 20/25 in MAC. Normally, I would go with a light or light medium colored foundation. What is your favorite fragrance? I rotate several perfumes on a daily basis, and some of my favorites are Stella McCartney Stella Nude, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Ralph Lauren Ralph, Giorgio Armani Armani Code Pour Femme, and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. What are your favorite cosmetics brands? There are just too many. I love my high end brands as well as drugstore deals. However, I do tend to like Asian brands more. What camera do you use for this blog? I take most of my blog pictures with my beloved Nikon D7000. It’s a great DSLR that captures amazing images. Occasionally, I also use the camera on my iPhone 4s, especially when I’m traveling.  Where did you get your blog layout? I’m currently using a free blogger template that I found online. You can simply google “blog templates”, and you should be able to get tons of sites that offer these templates free or with a small fee. However, I did modify the HTML a bit to fit the template to my blog.