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Hi, hey, hello, salutations, bonjour, and welcome…to She Said Beauty!

We hope that you’ve found your way here – through the muck and mire that is the interweb – with high hopes and expectations. We are ready to deliver.

Deliver what?

An extraordinary level of entertainment, an abundance of information, and the latest-slash-greatest from the beauty industry. With a team of experts and bloggers (often one in the same!) that includes the Beauty Director of Elle UK, Emma Smith, we have set ourselves the mission of delivering endless tips and tricks with fellow beauty junkies of the world!

And we’re not just talking make-up artists.

Beauty‘ is everything and everyone. Yes, you! And her! And her, too! Whether you never leave the house without a crimson pout, or prefer to use mascara only on special occasions, we have something here for the everywoman.

Discovery, after all, is what it is all about.

I think we all have a vague idea of the first time something got us excited about beauty. Whether it was your mother’s hand-me-down lipstick, a flawlessly dolled-up screen siren, or a ‘magic product‘ that offered more than our genes did – that excitement never really leaves.

For me, it was spending two months of pocket money on Lush products as a twelfth-birthday present to myself. This ‘treat’ foreshadowed many ‘beauty moments‘; my first investment in a 3-step skincare system, noticing the dramatic difference a good mascara would make to my eyes, a technical obsession that came along with discovering the art of contouring, and many more.

And years upon years later, I find myself in an identical, glorious – if not a little obsessive compulsive – cycle:

  • Research. What will this product do for me? Is the science backing up the claims?
  • Creative assessment. What is the brand trying to tell me about this product?
  • Application. Whether it foams, spreads, tingles, or explodes…is The Ritual not every woman’s beauty climax?
  • Review. Product versus product, brand versus brand, promise versus payoff; making a mental note or sharing it with another woman.

Then, the cycle starts again.

And faster than anyone could have expected it, that cycle is finding it’s stride online. From an innocent question (“how to wear lipstick“) to a super-savvy cosmetic search (“make up tutorial Katy Perry California Gurls”), we now have the ability to and share that magical, femme-tastic process with the entire world.

And, yes, She Said Beauty will deliver.

Besos, beauties,

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