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I have just graduated with a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing. I am currently carrying out a hard job/intern search. I’ve been writing this blog for over a year and I’m as much in love with it now as I have ever been. I used to write a blog on being single but when my boyfriend asked me out, that blog died. Out of the ashes rose The Edge of Beauty. I wanted to write about something that I was passionate about. Something that would never get boring or old, and here we are. Other interests of mine include books, comedy and wrapping presents. If you left me in a room with some pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, a Lee Evans box set and periodically came in with decaf tea and pinkberry, and I would be blissfully happy. As for the books.. you can check out my regular Book Worm posts to see what I’m delving into at the moment. Finally, before you go, I must share my other love with you – perfume. I’m so painfully addicted. It tends to hurt my purse a lot but the bottles are so pretty! There is nothing I love more than finding a scent I love. My most recent perfume purchase (or should I say gifts as they were birthday presents) were Thierry Mugler Alien 20th Anniversary and Marc Jacobs Dot. I’m eyeing up Coco Noir by Chanel and La Vie Est Belle by Lancome next. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog. Perhaps stay a while and leave me a few comments so we can get to know each other. Otherwise, you can always reach me via twitter and email. Head to my contact page for details. I’ll speak to you soon 🙂 ‘Til then… Helena xxo

  • Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Birthday: 07 Dec
  • Eye Colour: Blue Grey
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Condition: Split ends,Dull
  • Skin type: Oily
  • Skin tone: Fair