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Easy Nail Art with the Wow Factor!

When it comes to nail art, it is ideally all about creating that wow factor but with minimal time and effort! One way to do this is to create different nail art designs using dots. Dots really are fool proof and take no time at all to do!

If you are already into nail art you will probably own a dotting tool, but if not then you can use so many different objects that are found around the house – the end of a hair grip, the end of a small paint brush or makeup brush, the end of a pencil etc. Just something that isn’t too large with a rounded-off end.

Polka dots are a great way to practice dots and look effortlessly chic and fun. Below, you’ll find two easy tutorials that incorporate dots!

Dot Outline Nails

What you will need: A base nail polish, nail polish of your choice for the dots, an opened out hair grip (or something that will create dots), an old saucer or piece of paper/card.

1. Paint all your nails with your chosen base colour and leave to fully dry.
2. With an old saucer or piece of paper pour out a small amount of your chosen nail polish for the dots.
3. Using your opened out hair grip (or dotting tool if you have one) you want to dip the end in to the nail polish. Depending on the size of the dots you are going for, pick up more or less of the nail polish (you can always practice getting the size of the dots equal on a piece of paper).
4. Next you want to start at the top of each nail and dot around the edge of each nail until you come back to the top of the nail.
5. Once dry apply a clear top coat for a glossy finish.

Very Cherry Nails

What you will need: A base nail polish, red nail polish, white nail polish (optional), green nail polish, a dotting tool or opened out hair grip, another hair grip or fine brush, a saucer or piece of paper.

1. Paint all your nails with your chosen nail polish – for this I find nude and pale blue/mint shades work best.
2. Next pour a little of both the red and the white nail polish out on to whatever you are using making sure they don’t merge together.
3. Using your opened out hair grip, drip the end into the red shade and place two dots next to each other, randomly over all of your nails.
4. Whilst the red is still drying, drip the other end of the hair grip in to the white nail polish and randomly place small dots on to the odd cherry as a highlight.
5. Once dry you will need a new hair grip with the rubber end removed or a fine nail art or makeup brush to create the green stalks and again just pour out a little of the green nail polish.
6. To create the stalks off each cherry simply draw small ‘V’ shapes with the tool that you are using (this doesn’t need to be neat).
7. Finally apply a single coat of your favourite top coat to finish of the nails!

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