Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty Balm BB Cream – Not Just Another Glorified Tinted Moisturizer

Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty Balm BB Cream – Not Just Another Glorified Tinted Moisturizer

It doesn’t take a beauty fanatic to notice the recent influx of BB creams on the market. Walk into your local drugstores, randomly select a beauty brand, chances are you’ll find some items labeled with the term BB Cream. However, most of them are not the BB cream that you expect (or at least for some of us).  I’m a huge fan of BB creams and have been using them for the past few years. The upsetting reality is that most BB creams from Western brands are not really BB creams, which are suppose to provide flawless but natural skin finish. Personally, they seem more like glorified tinted moisturizers. I’m not saying that they are all horrible products, but a few brands sure look like that they just repackaged their regular tinted moisturizers because all their competitors are marketing BB creams.


Just when I’m about to lose faith in finding a BB cream that works for my skin, I spotted the Beauty Balm BB Cream from the newly launched Flower Cosmetics created by the lovely Drew Barrymore.


I’m not quite fond of the packaging of this monster collection of 181 pieces, but my exception is the tube packaging for its BB Cream, which is sleek and simple.

Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-04 Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-05 Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-06 Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-07

The sealed packaging assures that no one has tempered with your product.

Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-08 Flower-Beauty-Balm-BB-Cream-09

The squeeze tube is very sanitary and extremely easy to control.


It has a medium and smooth texture, which makes applying it a piece of cake. The BB cream gives an unnaturally smooth and almost silicone sensation, which usually means an immediate red flag. A quick peek at the ingredient list revealsDimethicone. I’m happy to report that so far, I haven’t broke out from this yet, which isn’t the usual case for my face when it encounters silicone based products.


Sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, the Flower Beauty Balm BB Cream comes in 4 shades. Shade 2 is a pretty good match for my NC20/25 skin.  WARNING!!! Bare face attack below!


Now, this is what I call a true BB cream. It applies onto the skin smoothly, offers light to medium coverage and doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. Unlike most BB creams, this is not very moisturizing, so laying a good lotion or moisturizer underneath is a must. As you can see from the image above, it covers most of my imperfections and large pores but still allows my real skin to show through a bit. In person, the semi-dewy finish is extremely natural and lovely. I can finally pretend that I have naturally healthy and glowing skin.


After 4 hours of running around and without any touch up, the BB cream still sits pretty good on my face. Because I used flash to take this picture, it does seem more shiny. In person and with natural lighting, you can barely see any shine on my skin, which is pretty awesome considering that most foundations either melt away or turn me into a disco ball due to my extremely oily skin.


After a long 9 hours and not one single touch up, I’m pretty amazed at the performance of this BB cream. By the end of the day, I can see some dry flakes as well as minor imperfections, but overall, my makeup still looks quite decent. Again as I’ve mentioned, this BB cream runs on the dry side, so this is probably not a great choice for those with dry or sensitive skin. But for oily girls like myself, this may just be the lifesaver.


As much as I love this BB cream, there’s one thing that bothers me. Wal-Mart.com clearly states that this product is paraben free. However, the ingredient list shows multiple parabens. I hope this is nothing more than a typo on the site and not false advertising. Overall, I’ll have to sign off on a great report card for this product because it delivers outstanding and long lasting result.


It lasts on my oily skin for an entire day without any touch up or setting powder. That is rare. It provides just enough coverage to conceal all imperfections but still creates a natural and smooth finish. Composing a soft glow for my skin, this BB cream keeps my shine at bay from morning to night. At $12.98 a tube, this is an excellent base makeup that is quite comparable to my beloved Asian BB creams.

What are your thoughts on BB creams? Love them? Hate them? Do you see differences between Asian and Western brand BB creams? Have you heard of this new line created by Drew Barrymore? Would you be purchasing anything from this new collection? Share your answers in the comments.