Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette – Every Girl Is A Princess At Heart

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette – Every Girl Is A Princess At Heart

There’s a reason why we love colorful outfits, flashy accessories, cute styles, and everything pink. It’s because some are born with glitters in their veins, but every girl can be a princess at heart. Pick out your favorite dress, put on the glass slipper, wear a tiara, and you are ready to step into the enchanted castle. Dreams don’t just come true in fairy tales, and you can now be a true royalty with the new Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette ($30 for 0.196 oz).

With the explosive responses for the previously released Cinderella Collection, Sephora is rolling out its second installment in the Disney princess series. Out of the 11 products in this Collection, the Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette is a true embodiment of the exotic beauty of Princess Jasmine.

From the packaging box to the actual product case, this is magical and captivating. The romantic and sophisticated design is simply beautiful.

I love the convenience of the giant mirror and the included sponge tip applicators.

The 4 glittery shades (0.049 oz each) in this palette are

  • Carpet (light lilac)
  • Wonder by Wonder (deep purple)
  • Splendid (peachy pink)
  • Diamond Sky (bright turquoise)

This is without a doubt a gorgeous palette with vibrant colors, and they are extremely fine, soft, and smooth. These apply like creams, and the buttery texture melts right into my skin. However, I need to emphasis that the shadows are so creamy and feathery that they do leave minor fallout if not blended carefully.

The products are also easily breakable if not handled cautiously (half of Carpet is already broken as I write this review). With this rate (even though I’ve been extremely delicate when using this palette), I’m afraid this won’t last long before the shadows are too fractured. You can probably tell from the picture above. With only a slight dab, the top layer has been crumbled.

My favorite color is Diamond Sky, which is highly saturated and shows up stunning on the lid. It’s described as a deep turquoise, but in swatches and on the eyes, it looks more blue toned. The 2 lighter shadows (Carpet and Splendid) are both perfect for highlights and all over shades. I’ve been using Splendid almost every single day as a highlight color on my eyes, and it really works great with all types of makeup. To my surprise, Wonder by Wonder turns out a little disappointing. Although dazzling in the case, the purple shadow is not so perfect in action. It does come with good pigmentation but tends to apply muddy, which isn’t flattering in a darker look.

Usually when I use a shadow palette to create a makeup look, I seldom utilize all the colors. However, the 4 shades in this palette compliment each other nicely. The 2 purple shadows and the highlight color are perfect for a sexy and deep look. Or, add in the turquoise blue shade for an enticing and exotic touch.

Overall, this is an alluring piece for anyone who desires a fun, provocative, and sensational look. The high qualities mixed with the smooth and rich texture make using these shadows a piece of cake. However, you do have to take precaution when working with the colors because there are some fallout. And remember to start with a light hand as the darker shade can easily blur out the entire look.

Who is your favorite Disney princess? And after Cinderella and Jasmine, can you guess which princess will be next in this beauty collaboration between the retail giant and media conglomerate?   ~Angela