Ciaté Caviar Manicure Review & Application: A Sparkling and Dazzling Nail Art

Ciaté Caviar Manicure Review & Application: A Sparkling and Dazzling Nail Art

I’ve been lusting after this Ciaté Caviar Manicure kit and finally took it home recently. The UK beauty brand launched its “revolutionary” nail art kits earlier this year, and they have been garnering talks amount beauty blogs. So, I’ve played around with the set and put it to the ultimate test to see if it’s really that amazing.

The kit comes in 3 variations, and I picked up the one in Black Pearls. I can see Rainbow as a lovely color for Summer.


The kit contains the following products.

  • Paint Pot Nail Polish (0.45 oz)
  • Caviar Pearls (0.47 oz)
  • Funnel
  • Plastic Tray

The Paint Pot Nail Polish is adorable with a simple black shade. Its texture is quite thin, and you’ll definitely need 2 coats to achieve an even finish. The polish brush is just the right size, and overall this is a great polish even by itself, which some colors can be purchased individually.

The Caviar Pearls (aka microbeads) are extra fine and comes in 3 colors – black, turquoise, bright blue. What I want to mention is that way before the kits were actually launched, beauty bloggers have been raving about using regular nail polish and microbeads to achieve a similar but inexpensive look. I’ve tried this route as well, but the microbeads that I found in craft and nail supply stores are not fine and small enough. Yes, you still get a similar effect, but it’s just not as delicate and beautiful as the Ciaté Caviar Manicure.

Getting this nail look requires patience, and it will get messy as the Caviar Pearls will fall off throughout the process. Step 1: Apply the first nail polish coat and wait for it to completely dry. Step 2: Apply a second layer.

Step 3: While the second coat is still wet, pour some beads over the polish. Leave the plastic tray under your fingers while doing this step, and it will collect the fall off beads.

Step 4: Lightly press the beads into the polish. A little trick that I’ve learned from doing this is that you do not want to press the beads really hard at first. It will completely ruin them. What you want to do is to lightly press and wait for about 5 minutes. Once the nail polish is semi-dried, then you can press with a bit of pressure to ensure that the beads are really “glued” onto your nails.

I’ve heard many complains of the caviar nails not being long lasting and that it’s easy to mess up. Some people are even saying that it only last a few hours. I’ve created the above diagram to show you what I did. You want to make sure that every single beads are actually touching the nail polish. Some are going to look like the turquoise one (where the arrow is pointing to), where it seems like it’s stable, but it’s not. And those will fall off really quickly if you don’t push them in.

Use the included funnel to pour left over beads back to the bottle.

The finished look is absolutely stunning and beautiful. The unique finish will turn the spotlight on you, and this would actually be great for a Christmas party.

At $25 a kit, this better lasts for more than just a few hours. The other reviews really had me worried, but I was very glad to discover that this survived through my hot shower, frequent hand washing, and my constant typing. And after a whole day, everything still looked OK, except the front edges. At this rate, the manicure should last for at least 2 days.

Overall, this has been a wonderful product for me. May be not really worth 25 bucks, but I’m very happy with the result. While researching about this product, I came across a few blogs mentioning the name Caviar Nails and the possible trademark and legal battle behind it. I’m not going to go into details, but if you are interested, read up on this blog and this one as well.

And being the crazy me, I also purchased the other 2 kits from Ciaté, and reviews will be coming soon.