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LORAC The Stylist Eyeshadow Palette


LORAC introduces The Stylist Palette, featuring a gorgeous, velvety-smooth array of ten eyeshadows plus two extra-large highlighter shades. Satisfy your inner fashionista and savvy sensibility with this trendy houndstooth palette, perfect for everyday wear at an incredible value. Become your own beauty stylist with LORAC.

LORAC The Stylist Eyeshadow Palette comes in a sleek shiny black plastic case with a houndstooth design. On the front is the houndstooth design and LORAC logo. On the back is the weight, product name, and other information. The palette has a snap closure to keep the lid secure. When opened, the full size mirror and ten eyeshadows are revealed. In addition, the LORAC logo is printed on the mirror. This palette weighs 0.6 oz / 17.2 g .

The first shadow is a light antique gold with a shimmery finish. The second shadow is a deep olive green with bronze and gold shimmer.

The third shadow is a medium silvery gray with iridescent shimmer. The fourth shadow is a cool black-brown. The fifth shade is a very light peachy-pink highlighter that has a shimmery finish. The highlighter is underneath shadow one, two, three, and four.

The sixth shadow is a light peach with a golden shift. The seventh shadow is a light warm toned brown with a peachy undertone.

The eighth shadow is a deep plum with brown undertones and iridescent shimmer. The ninth shadow is a deep espresso brown with a satin finish. The tenth shadow is a pale creamy gold highlighter with a strong golden sheen. The highlighter is underneath shadow six, seven, eight, and nine.

Overall the LORAC The Stylist Eyeshadow Palette is a great quality palette. If you’re familiar with the LORAC eyeshadows in the PRO palette you know how buttery, smooth, and pigmented they are. These ten shadows are buttery, smooth, and pigmented as well. Each eyeshadow is easy to blend and smooth onto the eyelid. The range of colors is beautiful and very fall appropriate. I do experience some fall out with some of the more shimmery shades but it’s nothing major. These eyeshadows lasted beyond ten hours with NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

I experienced little to no fading. This palette isn’t available on a day-to-day basis from what I can tell. However, this palette was exclusively on Hautelook twice before. I wrote this post so when it does appear online again you can see swatches of the eyeshadows before purchasing. Sign up on Hautelook so you can be e-mailed when it’ll be back in stock.

French Pharmacy Shopping – City Pharma


Last Friday I was lucky enough to get to go to Paris for the day with work to do some beauty product scouting. I ticked off nearly every Parisian beauty destination and thought I would do a series of posts about the best places to beauty shop in Paris. First up, City Pharma.
City Pharma generally tends to be the number one beauty destination for us hardcore beauty addicts when taking a jaunt to Paris. You’ll find it on Rue Du Four with the nearest metro stop being Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

It’s about a minutes walk. It’s very easy to spot despite not having ‘City Pharma’ written anywhere on the outside of the building. But you’ll notice it for the flock of women gathering inside and the bright green pharmacy cross. Unlike most French pharmacies it doesn’t shut at 2:30pm, it’s open until 8pm most nights.

Be warned if you do go in, it’s VERY cramped. I went in first thing in the morning and it was still busy. Compared to how big I thought it would be, it didn’t live up. It’s quite small, with narrow aisles and can feel quite claustrophobic. You’ll be saying ‘pardon’ a lot to other customers to get past them.

If you persevere though you’ll find a mecca of French skincare brands all housed under one roof. La Roche Posay, Avene, Filgora, Lierac, Caudalie, Bioderma etc – they have the lot. They’re also competitively priced compared to other French pharmacies so my advice is to wander round the smaller, quieter pharmacies first, scout out what you like, note it down then go to City Pharma armed with your shopping list. They like to do promotions too so expect products clumped together on deals and offers etc.

The staff are the epitome of Parisian chic all dressed in their immaculately white uniforms with stereotypical glowing French skin. These women know their stuff and most speak English so just explain (in French) you don’t speak the language and they’ll flip to English immediately. Use their knowledge, they work with these products every single day and if their skin is anything to go by, they certainly know their stuff. It’s not like Boot’s where the sales assistants are stacking shelves or behind a till (I’d know, I used to be one), instead their sales assistants are actively helping customers the whole time and advising on what they recommend. Personally I think it’s a lesson other stores can learn from (apart from you Space.NK, you fab bunch).

My top piece of advice is go prepared. Do your research beforehand. Go armed with a list, pick up a big red basket at the doors (you’ll need one) and if you can’t find something ask one of the many of assistants dotted about. I think that’s about everything but if you have any questions or there’s something I’ve missed and you’d like to know the answer to just let me know by leaving a comment below. Bon magasinage!

10 Best DIY Facial Toners for Glowing Skin


I never knew the benefits of facial toners until I tried it myself. I always felt it to be just yet another step in your daily skin care but when I read and used these toners I really found out – what I have been missing for soooo long. Toners are excellent in giving your skin a glowing look. I tried toners for a few months and then saw a difference in my skin. So,  in a quest to know more about them, here I am writing about diy facial toners which will surely be worth trying for all your girls.

Toners are important in balancing your skin tone and making your skin firm. There are various toners which even help in reducing redness, burning sensation and soothes irritation too. It is however best to make toners on your own as they are made from natural ingredients they are harmless and inexpensive.

Here are some of the best diy toners:

1. Mint Toner. Mint is said to be a perfect skin toner, not just that it helps in cooling your skin and is even used as a natural skin lightener. In order to make a mint toner, take around 1 litre water and put to boil. Add to it fresh mint leaves. Wait for 10 minutes and then strain the liquid. Let it get cooled and keep it in the fridge. Now whenever you want you can simply take it out and apply on the face with cotton. Mint is also effective in reducing acne and pimples.

2.       Camphor Toner: Camphor toner can be easily made with rose water. You just need to take a bottle of rose water and put in it a dash of camphor. Use it if you have acne prone skin.

3.    Tomato Toner: Tomatoes are one of the best natural skin lightening ingredients. They also serve as an effective toner. Just take tomato juice and add few drops of lime juice to it and apply several times a day. This not just gives your skin a glow but makes it radiant as well.

4.       Green Tea Toner: Green tea apart from having various health benefits is wonderful for your skin too. Just boil green tea leaves in water and let it cool down. You may keep it in the fridge and use with cotton on the face.

5.       Vinegar Toner: In order to make vinegar toner, you need to take a teaspoon of vinegar and mix it in the rose water bottle. Use it on the face. This is suitable for all types of skin.

6.       Glycerin Toner: For this, Glycerin  needs to be mixed with rose water and applied on the face whenever you wish to. It however works the best in winters.

7.       Ice Water Toner: Not many know but ice water is an excellent toner for your face. Once you have properly cleansed your face, simply apply ice water on the face.

8.       Basil Leaves Toner: Though basil leaves are known the world over for their medical properties but they are also effective for your skin care too. In order to  make basil leaves toner just take a few basil leaves and put in the boiling water. Let the water get cooled. You can apply it twice a day for better results.

9.       Apple Honey Toner: Apples contain alpha hydroxy acids which help in exfoliating the dead skin cells and thereby makes the skin fresh and young. In the same way honey too is a perfect antioxidant for your face. So a toner made from apple and honey will just be the perfect for your skin. You need mash the apple finely and then mix honey to it. Keep it on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash.

10.   Chamomile Toner: So till now you have only been drinking chamomile tea owing to its various health benefits, But do you know it also promotes a healthy and nourishing skin too! It helps in treating puffiness and inflammation and gives a refreshed look to your face. In order to make a toner from chamomile boil some water and put chamomile tea bag into it for five minutes. Let it cool and there you- a chamomile toner is ready for you. Easy, Isn’t?

So friends, these were some of the best and easiest to make DIY facial toners which will give you not just glowing skin but also give you an even skin tone and a radiant glow too. Hope you like this post, please do me a favor, just share, like, tweet, pin this post with your friends. Have a Happy and Glowing Skin!

Back to school outfit inspiration: Miranda Kerr’s style


Well, summer is over and we’re all going back to school/campus and getting back into our “studying” gear. With the arrival of the new season we can finally bring back the trench coats, jackets, ankle booties and statement scarves into our outfits. So, as an inspiration for a casual and chic “Back to school” look I chose Miranda Kerr’s street style as shown in the pictures below.

All you need to recreate this look are the basics every girl’s closet contains: a white button-up shirt, a denim jacket, black skater skirt, ankle boots and accessorize with a statement bag and a felt hat. I assembled this look using Shopcade and tried to find the cheapest items for achieving this easy and sweet look! 

What is your favorite “Back to school” outfit for this season? Share your inspiration in a post (like this one) and find the items needed for that look using Shopcade and maybe you could win a £150 Voucher! Read all about this giveaway here.

Vouchercloud: Summer Fashion Tips


Vouchercloud: Summer Fashion TipsLovely Ben from vouchercloud got in touch with me after reading my post about 30 Ways to Save £1 and asked if it would be cool to do a guest post. I guess it’s not something I’d ever really thought about before, but definitely something I’d be willing to consider in the future, if it’s relevant, obviously. So here’s a quick little piece about some must-haves for men and women now that the weather is picking up and it’s time for ice cream and getting accidental sunburn (I’m okay with flip flops though(!)).
Be sure to check out the great offers on Boden vouchercloud have on at the moment, the perfect site to follow up these tips with.

Summer is the time to make a statement and one of the best ways to do this is through your wardrobe. Ruth has given me the opportunity to provide some of the hottest fashion trends under the sun this summer for both sexes, so don your sunglasses and bring out the floral dresses. You never know, we might even get some sunshine.

For the ladies

Monochrome – One of this summer’s early favourites is monochrome, which is basically rocking an entire outfit in black and white. The catwalks have been dominated by sleek and sexy monochrome garments and the stars of entertainment have been getting into the swing of things too, with the likes of Kate Middleton, Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone all adopting the look on the red carpet.
The main attraction of monochrome is what you can do with it. Stripes are also big this summer so you could go for a striped dress with a leather jacket or a smart cream jacket over dark leggings/tights with heels.

Floral Print – This design is as popular as ever with dresses, silk shirts and even shoes with floral patterns. Many see floral as the true festival look, which is always complimented by a pair of sunglasses. Floral skirts are especially popular this season.

Summer Sunnies – It is really down to personal preference when it comes to sunglasses. You have the classic Ray Bans, aviators and a host of new designs and styles, including cat eye and decoration. Cat eye sunglasses adopt a classic 50s style with rising peaked frames making you stand out from the crowd. Decoration styled glasses bring out the Lady Gaga in you, with bright and bold designs and colours attached to the frames.

Summer Sunglasses Trends for Girls

For the chaps

Gingham Check Shirts – These can be worn in long-sleeve and short-sleeve, but personally I would recommend the short-sleeve option if the sun is shining. Designers have produced a wide range of styles and colours and dependent on your style, you can opt to button up to the neck or open the collar. Gingham check shirts look great with a pair of lightweight indigo denim shorts or trousers

Pastels – These soft colours are brilliant either as shorts and tee-shirts or as a lightweight trousers and jacket look. Pastels also allow you to show off your shiny metallic watch or bracelet and work really well with a pair of bold dark Ray Bans.

Kicks – Flip flops are out, so don’t even consider it unless you are on a beach in Cornwall. Daps will go well with most summer outfits but don’t just get any old generic cheap pair, Vans have a great range of flats with or without thick soles. Alternatively summer brogues are a good option with pastels but don’t go for these with shorts, it’s far too bold!
So there you have it. No excuses to look dull this summer. Enjoy your sunny days and free time while looking your best this season.