Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil – Welcome To The Sizzling Summer Fiesta

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil – Welcome To The Sizzling Summer Fiesta

I’m usually quite conservative when it comes to everyday makeup, but summer is the perfect time to play around with bold colors and let the creativity run wild, that is if I don’t turn myself into Bozo the Clown. For those who want to take a kaleidoscopic trip outside of your comfort zone, I recommend the Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil ($24 for 0.09 oz), a creamy, semi-matte, and long-lasting lip crayon for the braved hearts.

Before you turn away from the high price tag, note that the steep cost is covering premium and healthier ingredients, which aren’t usually available in cosmetics. This lip pencil is made without synthetics and petroleum byproducts and is created with food-grade ingredients and resveratrol, a super antioxidant.

This is highly pigmented and buttery soft. The pencil applies smoothly and leaves a gorgeous velvet touch to the semi-matte finish. It’s saturated with vivid colors that offer decent coverage and sit comfortably on my lips for hours with no bleeding.

Its moisturizing ingredients leave the lips hydrated and are quite forgiving on fine lines and imperfections. The creamy texture requires delicacy when handling. Press gently and you have a great tool to work with. What I love the most is the consistency – not too moist but still milky enough for an effortless application.

I had a very difficult time picking out my favorite from the mega collection of 20 beautiful shades and settled with Corvina, an intense, electric, and bright pink that is absolutely flattering on all skin tones.

Once applied, the lovely color isn’t going anywhere. And even without a lip liner, this is smudge free. With no glitters or shimmers, the lip pencil provides a pretty glossy coat. And did I mention that the hassle free twist-up design requires no sharpening.

After a very long day, the color faded a tiny bit but was still decent enough without any touch ups. Keep in mind that I’ve also ate a quick meal in between.

I’m already lusting after Tart and Syrah, which I’ll probably pick up on my next visit to Sephora. I was somewhat skeptical about Bite Beauty at first, but it didn’t disappoint. In fact, the product and its performance went above and beyond. The silky smooth texture, great color payoff, easy execution, and durable wear time all mark this as an excellent choice for any lip junkies.

If you are still not sure due to the department store price, take advantage of the upcoming Sephora Chic Week sale (15% off for both BI and VIB) by using code CHIC.

Are you going pastel or bold this summer? And what is your favorite look to pair up with bright lips. Let me know in the comments