About This Blog

Hello! Welcome to She Said Beauty Blog, and my name is Angela.

I created this blog out of my passion for makeup, skincare, and every beautiful inspirations in my life. I hope to share with you my own interpretation on cosmetics and natural lifestyles as I journey through this intriguing beauty land.

This blog features makeup tutorials, product reviews, shopping deals, and exciting beauty news. I’m a funny and lighthearted girl, so you may be occasionally startled by my inner dorkiness and random babbles.

I love anything that can put a smile on my face, but I do take my blog very seriously. I’m not a professional makeup artist or a certified dermatologist, but you can be assured that every post is nothing but my honest opinions. I am here to provide you with a daily dose of beauty reads, added with some random gossip and just the right amount of dazzle and glitz.

I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog, and thank you again for joining me on this amazing adventure.