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30 Day Body: Fitness Detox (and results!)

I can cut up all my Coffee Reward Cards, keep spirulina on tap, and chug H20 like I lived in the desert, but if I am looking for a full impact detox, I am going to need to get my body moving.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working out. As a former dancer and soccer player, I am all too familiar to that fantastic endorphin high of heart-pumping activity. The problem is that as soon as I hit ‘professional’ age, the time for it became squandered by adult responsibilities.

For that reason, a 25-minute Power Plate class was at the top of the Fitness Detox Hitlist. A Power Plate, seen in the image above, is a vibrating platform upon which you perform strength-building and body-toning moves. By transferring vibrations to your muscles, the Plate activates reflexive contractions; in Layman’s terms, even the muscles in your armpits will hurt.

Because it engages your entire body, it is a perfect exercise to incorporate into detox plans. Test subjects at the Sanaderm Professional Clinic for Skin Illnesses and Allergies in Germany even saw a 25.7% reduction of cellulite after using the Power Plate in a six month period.

My first session at the Power Plate Studio on Level 4 of Selfridges kicked off with an “In Body” consultation. Need motivation to work out? Get one of these babies done. After standing on a high-tech scale (packed with science and complete with handlebars), you receive a fact sheet of in-depth body details: Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Waist-Hip Ratio, Basal Metabolic Rate, Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis, and more.

With some unfriendly numbers flashing in front of my eyes, I took a very motivated step onto my first Power Plate. 25 minutes flew by in 1-minute intervals, and though my supportive instructor assured me that I had “done well”, I think it is safe to say that I have a long way to go until I look like this. Fact is, with Selfridges offering a “Six Week Challenge” that promises major results on your In Body reading, their Power Plate Studio is just the schedule-friendly workout fellow City Women are looking for to see gym-lover success.

Not to say I am not a gym-bunny-in-training. To keep things varied and cost-efficient, my second stop for fitness fun is Virgin Active. By using my 20 minutes to walk from the office to the gym as a warmup, I am ready to go as soon as I arrive. Primarily, I chose Virgin because of their versatility. When it comes to working out, I have always found that sticking to a single ‘routine’ or class can often be discouraging. With Virgin, you have the fitness world at your feet: Astanga Yoga, Kettlebells, Meditation, Kickboxing, suspension TRX classes, Zumba, my newly-beloved Power Plates, and more. The facilites are clean, catered to all ability levels, and even boast a spa area and cafe. A home away from home.

The only thing I don’t love about working out is sweating. Because I have CFT (clean freak tendencies), the thought of any sweat sitting on my scalp and creating oily hair is absolutely terrifying. On top of that, I don’t have a schedule or hair type that appreciates a daily shampooing. Thankfully, the natural product junkies at Lush have created No Drought Dry Shampoo. With a gorgeous lemon and grapefruit smell, a light dust and rub into the scalp soaks up all excess oil/sweat and leaves you feeling fresh in no time at all. A saviour when it comes to evening meetings or special occasions.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a 30 Day Body update without a little pampering


The past week, after waking up to a flat tummy and healthy-feeling body every morning (result!), my very tired muscles were treated to ultimate luxury. A skip, hop, and jump to St Martins Courtyard and I am ready for a “Spirulina Detox Wrap” at Relax. Because all of the products that Relax use are organic and free of nasties, I knew that while I would love it, my body would love it just as much.

The Spirulina Detox Wrap, in particular, deeply cleanses your body from the inside out using the purest form of detoxifying Spirulina as well as organic oils. The treatment started off by having my skin prepped with the award-winning Spiezia Lemongrass and Marigold body scrub, and a quick shower to rinse it off. Pause for bewilderment. My skin has never ever looked or been so smooth (thank you, calendula!). I would give my first-born for this segment of the treatment alone.

After adding extra moisture with a layer of Spiezia’s body softening oil, the Shrek-coloured spirulina wrap is applied to the entire body and covered entirely to ensure it does its job. While relaxing, the Relax technician will apply gentle pressure to the acupressure points on your feet to stimulate your body’s natural internal cleansing. Then, shower number two. Simply, you can’t help but feel thoroughly cleansed while watching a pool of green product slide off your body and into a drain.

To finish, Spiezia’s organic body firming oil is applied to maximise the toning benefits of the wrap and leave your body invigorated. The icing on the proverbial cake was a lashing of Spiezia’s extra rich hand balm, moisturising hand balm, and leg & foot balm.

Hey, detoxing aint so bad.

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