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Hi Dolls!! Welcome to my beauty blog!! I’m new at this so I hope I don’t do too badly lol Anyways alittle about me: A girl with a crazy yet simple dreams, totally obsessed with cosmetics,shopping,jewelry,shoes,cooking and other purely girly things and thoughts and something about life and other things whichs totally depend on my mood.I would love to share and hear from you any advices,suggestions,tips etc. See you on blog 😉 x

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Brogan Tate XO

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I’m a nineteen year old living by the seaside on the south coast of the UK. I write a beauty blog, make videos on YouTube & run my own online business, The Beauty Closet. I have a passion for all things beauty and fashion related alongside my love for tea, pastel colours, Disneyland, reading and photography. Here, you’ll come across my most recent blog posts, videos and reviews!

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I help professional women who deeply want to serve the world but feel stopped by their weight slim down, and create the success they deserve. Marna created to help women stop dieting, heal emotional eating while learning to get to the root of overeating patterns. I was a horrible dieter who obsessed over foods I really craved but were forcing myself not to eat. 20 years ago I became obsessed with the naturally thin and learned everything I possibly could about how they think, eat and live. When I began copying them, I quickly started losing weight – and finally felt normal with food! I now help successful women who just can’t seem to figure out how to stop overeating, heal emotional eating and shed weight without feeling deprived. I love empowering women to think, eat and live just like the naturally thin do! There’s nothing like kicking diets to the curb and feel like you can FINALLY eat a meal and enjoy it without guilt, without negative self talk and without the added weight.

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