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Mane Intentions: Odor Neutralizing Hair Fragrance


Mane IntentionsI’ve seen and tried many different types of products, but I have to say this particular product is a first. Mane Intentions offers an odor neutralizing hair fragrance that is available in various scents, such as, Apricot Honey, Bergamot Grapefruit, Blackberry Vanilla, Citrus Orchid, and Lychee Blossom. The product is great for people who want their hair to smell nice. You can use this to replace any unpleasant odor with their various scents of sweet apricot nectar that’s blended with the richness of honey.

I was sent Bergamot Grapefruit and let me tell you, this stuff smells AH-MAZING! I’ve never had any issues with my hair smelling bad, but this works great at making sure my hair smells nice and fresh all day.

This is definitely something different and people will either love it or hate it. To be honest, I completely love it. I don’t wear fragrance to begin with, so it’s not overpowering. If you choose to try one of them, I’d definitely find a scent that won’t mix badly with your perfume.

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