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Tygerr Recchia-Nash

Nail Icon, Owner and Editor of The World of Nails.com

About Tygerr Recchia-Nash

Member since Feb 2014

My name is Tygerr and I am the owner, editor and principal writer for The World of Nails website, which is quickly becoming a full time job. I currently have 3 inch nails, which have been my trademark for more than twenty years and are still my most identifying trait. I was a hand model for a number of years and I love to write about a wide array of beauty related topics but mostly The World of Nails site is for nail artists, technicians and enthusiasts alike to come together and share knowledge, photos and more. I am also the singer for heavy metal sensation Seattle based Tygerrs Lair!!
  • Location: Kent, United States
  • Birthday: 05 Apr
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Hair Condition: Normal,Dry,Fine
  • Skin type: Normal
  • Skin tone: Light

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