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Is EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan Lipstick Good or BAD? [REVIEW]


Lo and behold--a week ago in my Ipsy Glam Bag I received a special surprise...the EM Cosmetics Creamy Color Sheer Lipstick in Cabana Beige ($16.50 at emcosmetics.com).

In case you're not aware of the recent hoopla surrounding EM Cosmetics, here's a quick primer: For the past two years, beauty guru Michelle Phan and L'Oreal have been collaborating on a makeup line, "with Michelle's fans providing input throughout the entire process," according to RAEview.

Naturally, many of her subscribers (now over 5,000,000 of them) are pretty excited over it, and word is an actual EM Cosmetics store will be opening in New York City.  Cool stuff. :)

So Here's What I Like (And Don't Like)

EM Cosmetics' Cabana Beige sheer lipstick comes in a pretty solid tube--not something that feels light, or breakable.  I had no difficulty using the bullet on my lips either, so function-wise, it works just fine.

And on my lips, oh man.  The perfect nude shade.

Like the name implies, this is a sheer lippie, so if you're looking for something truly opaque, you're better off looking elsewhere.  But for those who covet a more sheer, wearable nude that's easy to apply, Cabana Beige is a winner.

Overall, here's what I like the most about Cabana Beige:

  • The color is sheer but buildable, allowing you to control the intensity
  • The texture is very smooth and slick; reminds me of a more intense Maybelline Color Whisper
  • It doesn't bleed or feather, so lip liner isn't necessary
  • Cabana Beige feels surprisingly moisturizing on my lips

Now if you've followed this blog for a while, you know how much I love tinted lip balms or sheer lipsticks due to my uber dry lips--opaque lipsticks just don't gel well with my lips.  And, if you seem to suffer from the same lip malady as me, you'll probably like it too, especially if you prefer subtle color :)

On the downside, though, its sheer, slick formula doesn't last long on the lips--I'd say maybe a 2 hour wear time at the most.  Apply lip liner if you want it to last longer.

Also, price-point wise, this lipstick line is about the same as MAC lipsticks (MAC goes for $15.00).  However, you're actually getting more product from EM Cosmetics--their lippies have 3.5 grams of product, whereas you only get 3 grams with MAC.

Video Review

For a demonstration of me applying EM Cosmetics Sheer Lipstick in Cabana Beige, check out the video I recorded below:

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this lipstick!  Cabana Beige is a nice, semi-sheer lipstick that's currently a mainstay in my purse :)

PRICE: $16.50
AVAILABILITY: emcosmetics.com; the EM Cosmetics store in New York City (coming soon)
THE GOOD: Sheer, nude lippie looks great on light skin tones and keeps lips moisturized.
THE BAD: It's not a long lasting lipstick.

Readers: Have you tried anything from the EM Cosmetics line yet?  What do you think?



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