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Tonymoly Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream Review

Hi everyone! :)
I haven't reviewed anything from the brand Tonymoly for a while now so here's one. :P Another skincare product review for today. I will probably post my Best of 2013 post on the 9th so stay tuned for that. I'm gonna post about my favorite products in 2013. :) This is from their holiday collection though this isn't really a new product, I think they released it around October last year. They only changed the box and the color of the cap to match the holiday season. :)
45 ml
This 100-hour-long moisturizing, highly nourishing cream makes skin look moisturized, elastic, and plumper with capsules containing fermented argan oil.
How cute is this box It really matches the holiday season. I'm not sure if they're still selling these, maybe they switched it to the old one since it's no longer holiday. ^^;;
 This is the top of the box and how it looks like when you open it.
Ingredients list
The original color of the cap is gold. Mine is only red because I got the Holiday edition. The bottle is made of hard plastic and is very bulky but it's not heavy. It has a pump dispenser so it's very hygienic and it's easier to control the amount of product that you will be using.
Here is how the cream looks like.
It's white and as you can see on the second photo, it has little capsules when you spread it. Those capsules contains fermented argan oil for moisturizing effects. It is creamy, soft and slightly thick but easy to spread. The absorption is not that fast and I feel like my face is a little greasy after application. This is also lightweight. Aside from the moisturizing part, this is also said to take care of wrinkles but I can't comment on that one because fortunately I don't have that yet. About the important part, the moisturizing effect, it's not true to its claim that it can moisturize for 100 hours. lol It is moisturizing and does reduce the appearance of dry patches or flaky skin but it doesn't completely remove it. My cheeks are a little dry these days because it's cold so I tried using this before applying bb cream but the dry patches can still be seen and became even more noticeable after applying bb cream. The condition did improve after a week and my skin did feel moisturized but I think it could have been more moisturizing especially because of their 100 hours claim. I didn't really believe the 100 hours claim from the start anyway. ^^ I repeat (lol) it does moisturize but it doesn't last for 100 hours. I have used a better cream last year from Reskin, it's much more moisturizing imo. ^^ I do like how it made my skin plumper ad healthier though. This cream didn't cause any break out too so that's a plus. :)
Get yours here:

The product mentioned was sponsored by Beautynetkorea.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.

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I might announce something really really good soon. I won't give a hint because it's not confirmed yet. lol
Oh, I said at the start of the post that I'm going to make a list of my favorite products for 2013 but it's so hard to pick a favorite lip product. WHYYYY ;_______;
And this one is totally not related but according to MNET, BTS will be making their comeback on March 20 (same day with EXO). New BTS album YAY ASDFGHJKLADHSG I wonder when Infinite's comeback is. :/ Kbye, gotta watch Appa Eodiga. :P

Have you tried this product? If not, what's your hg moisturizer? :D

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