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Garnier Ultimate Blends haircare range


Today I had a surprise parcel! Everyone loves surprises, right? I had no idea what it was, as the only thing I’m waiting for at the moment – Memebox Lucky Box – isn’t due to arrive until at least mid-March. So off I went to the Post Office to collect my mystery parcel. When I opened it it actually took me a few minutes to figure out where this had come from, but then I remembered on 1st February I had a promotional email from Garnier asking for people to trial their new shampoo range. It looks like they’ve just sent stuff out to the winners without notifying them, so that was a nice surprise!


I have been given the Ultimate Blends ‘The Silky Smoother’ range to try, which is for mid-long hair with split ends – hello, me. I’m terrible with remembering to get my hair trimmed on a regular basis so I do tend to get split ends (which then act as a reminder to get a trim), although I’ve really cut down on straightening my hair lately and that’s made a huge difference.


The pack I have consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a…hair scrub? That’s something new! Looking at their Facebook page I think there’s also a dry shampoo for ‘The Silky Smoother’ selection.


These are the instructions for the hair scrub. I’m intrigued by this, it seems counter-interactive to use anything rough when you have split ends but I’ll certainly give it a try. I can always use it as a body scrub if I don’t like it on my hair, I suppose!

I can be quite sensitive to SLS in shampoos so I’ll take it easy with the shampoo and just use it every other wash to begin with, in case it triggers the reaction I get with some shampoos (my scalp feels/looks like it’s really badly sunburnt, all red and itchy, which kinda sucks). I’m definitely looking forward to trying the conditioner and scrub though!


This range is vanilla and papaya scented, and it smells gorgeous – not overpowering or sickly, just really nice. I like the bottle design too, with little leaves on the caps.

The other variations in the Ultimate Blends range are:


The Sleek Restorer (coconut oil & cocoa butter, for dry/frizzy hair)
The Marvellous Transformer (argan & camellia oils, for dry/dull hair)
The Colour Illuminator (argan oil & cranberry, coloured hair)
The Shine Revitaliser (lemon & green tea, normal hair)
The Nourishing Repairer (avocado oil & shea butter, dry/damaged hair).

As a whole it seems to definitely be focussed more towards dry hair – nothing at all aimed at greasy hair.

Thanks Garnier! I’m on holiday next week but when I return I’ll make another post to discuss what I think after using the products.

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