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Bleach London Super Cool Colour | Awkward Peach

A few months ago I used Bleach London's Rose temporary hair colour and fell in love!  It created a lovely pastel pink in the ends of my hair and washes out super easily, meaning it was perfect for a weekend and could be rinsed out in time for work on Monday.  I decided to try out "Awkward Peach" as it seemed a little different to the pinks and lilacs around at the moment.

It comes in the same 150ml bottle and the instructions are exactly the same: apply to shampooed hair and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.  Do no re-shampoo or condition.  When I used the Rose I learnt that it didn't take well to my natural blonde hair (upper half) but decided to apply the Awkward Peach all over anyway to see what effect it gave.  I applied it evenly, brushed it through and massaged it in well before covering in cling film and leaving for 15 minutes.  I rinsed it until the water the ran clear and towel dried.  I noticed that it took to my ends very well but when dried realised it had given a lovely warm blonde colour to my undyed hair.  This later faded out to lovely highlights!  The ends were coloured, but not the colour that I expected.  The Awkward Peach colour came out very pink and was not all that even.  Some parts were very peachy, but others were very pink.  I didn't mind, I quite liked the overall look as it created highlights and lowlights, but it just wasn't what I was expecting.  The picture below shows how my hair looked the day after colouring, but before the first wash.  You can see that the colour is very predominantly pink, but some parts are peachy.  It also darkened my natural blonde, but after the first wash it went much lighter again.

What I will note is that this colour lasted in my hair for about 4 -5 washes before it washed out enough to be unnoticeable. This was longer than I had expected since the Rose only lasted 2 washes.  I actually preferred how this colour looked after the first wash.  It faded to a gorgeous peach which was more even and very pastel and subtle.  The pink tinge had near-enough disappeared and the colour left was exactly what I had wanted to achieve in the first place!  I found it was even suitable for work and I got a few compliments from colleagues on my hair...not everyone could put their finger on what was different about it (I work with a lot of men...) but it seemed a lot of people liked it.  I think it was  because it gave a warm "lift" to my hair.  The pastel peach was a nice change to standard blonde, but wasn't so drastic that it was "in your face" or too different.

Between the two colours that I have tried, I think that Rose is my favourite for a weekend look, but Awkward Peach is my favourite for a more day-to-day look.  Because it stayed in my hair a little longer and gave warm highlights as it faded out, I will definitely be using this one more frequently.  I think it would be great to add some of the product to my shampoos and conditioners (after transferring some into travel sized bottles) to keep the peach in my hair for longer.

I'd love to try Parma next.  Have you tried any of the range, and what did you think?

G x

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