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Make Your Foundation Lighter & Last Longer!

This is a simple trick on how to make your foundation last longer as well as hydrating your skin at the same time! All you need is your foundation of choice and any moisturiser that you use daily anyway.

These are the products I chose. Simple's replenishing rich moisturiser and Wet 'n' Wild's Xplode liquid foundation in Sand. 

1. First apply a small amount of your chosen foundation to the back of your hand or a makeup palette. Please excuse my pale hands! I'm not sure why they look so pale in this picture!

2. Apply the same amount of moisturiser to your hand or palette. 

3. Mix together with a foundation brush or a cotton bud like I did. As you can see you double the amount of foundation on your hand. This is also a great way to make your foundation lighter if you've brought a shade too dark. This is the main reason I do this technique and this is why I chose such a dark colour foundation to show you the results!

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