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Rare Finds: Discontinued Chanel Nail Polish

Chanel Nail Polishes

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Rare, discontinued Chanel nail polish. These are as elusive a retired beanie baby of the 90s. For a beauty-obsessed lady such as myself, getting my paws on a discontinued Chanel nail polish is a dream that is both impossible, and ridiculous.

Quick story: While perusing beautiful baubles at Pop Armitage* on Friday, I spoke with jewelry designer, Jana. She told me this insane tale of a visit to Paris where some Chanel store clerk (Yeah, I said “store clerk”, and yes, it’s a dig), rudely laughed at her for thinking she could buy a highly-coveted black Chanel nail polish at the boutique. She scoffed, “Why do you think we would sell the nail polish here?!” FYI Frenchie: In Amurrica, we can buy Chanel basically nail polish anywhere. America, land of shopping malls and freedom (fries).

The point here is, I’ve rounded up some of the rarest, discontinued Chanel nail polishes on Ebay. These sellers are sneaky suckers, so before you spend an obscene amount on a “discontinued Chanel nail polish”, do your research!

Chanel Jade Nail Polish

Chanel Jade Nail Polish// currently starting at $365.99 on Ebay // image via

Chanel Riva Nail Polish

Chanel Riva Nail Polish // from $149.99 on Ebay // image via

Chanel India Nail Polish

Chanel India Nail Polish // from $469.99 on Ebay // image via

Chanel Metallic Vamp Nail Polish

Chanel Metallic Vamp Nail Polish // from $100 on Ebay // image via

Chanel Khaki Nail Polish

Chanel Khaki Nail Polish // from $79.99 on Ebay // image via

Chanel Vamp Nail Polish

Chanel Vamp Nail Polish // Don’t listen to Ebay! This one is NOT discontinued and is $27 at Nordstrom // image via

Which of these discontinued Chanel nail polishes speak most to you? I love Riva, but there are zillions of gorgeous ocean-like blue hues out there nowadays.

When it comes to limited edition nail polish collections, do you feel like you gotta catch em all? Or do you wait around for inexpensive drugstore dupes to come around? Let me know in the comments below!

*PS: Pop Armitage is a charming pop-up shop located in Lincoln Park right off the Armitage el stop. Jana and Eileen create beautiful jewelry from vintage and modern pieces. Real talk though: the bracelet made from Roman glass from Afghanistan (over a thousand years old!!!) is the coolest thing I’ve seen and held. I love anything ancient, so be sure to check out this work of art before they close up shop in April.

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