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Blogger FAQ

What is SheSaidBeauty and how does it work?

SheSaidBeauty is a platform specifically for beauty, where people can discover, share and shop the world of beauty. It brings together EVERYTHING beauty related on the web into one amazing experience:

  • We have one of the world’s largest beauty product and brand catalogues to help you discover new products and looks, share your opinions and works, and get the best deals when you shop.
  • We are not a retailer ourselves - instead we link to retailers from around the world so you can shop around without the hassle.
  • Our members can sync their beauty blogs, YouTube channel and photos of looks they have created.

Each brand and product has its own page, which means every time you mention a product or brand, your blog post, video or photos will instantly appear on that page. This creates a highly informative product page, which pulls together views from bloggers, vloggers, experts and people from around the world, as well as promotes your content to a global audience.

Why should I create a profile on SheSaidBeauty?

Love everything about beauty?
Want as many people from around the world to discover your blogs, videos or photos?
Want one vanity URL to showcase all your amazing content on a single profile?
Don't want to have to spend loads of money advertising so people can find you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, SheSaidBeauty.com gives you everything!

Did you know? Due to our onsite newsfeed and our integration with Facebook, every time someone ‘likes’ one of your blog posts, videos or photos on SheSaidBeauty, an average of over 50 additional people see your content. It’s social promotion at it’s best! You can thank us later ;) x

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Why should I connect my beauty blog and what happens when I do?

The SheSaidBeauty community is full of people who may not have otherwise found your blog – having a profile means you are providing them with a shortcut to discovering your fantastic content! SheSaidBeauty members love beauty and want to discover the latest looks and trends. They are also looking for honest opinions about products to help them make confident decisions about their beauty routines – there is no better place to look for regulars for your blog!

Once you connect your blog, your blog posts will automatically appear on your SheSaidBeauty profile and when your blog mentions products or brands, the platform will make sure your post appears next to that product or brand page on SheSaidBeauty.

This way, the community can easily discover you and your work without any extra effort on your part. You will be helping people from all around the world find information for their beauty routines - which you too can benefit from as a beauty lover!

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When people read my blog on SheSaidBeauty does it count towards my blog traffic stats?

Yes it does. When people discover and read your blog post on SheSaidBeauty it counts towards your traffic stats, showing you how many people read your blog on SheSaidBeauty. On your stats it will appear with the source as SheSaidBeauty.com.

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My blog appears on Google via SheSaidBeauty.com before my blog?

As you know, most people use Google to search for product reviews, tutorials or solutions. In most cases people do not search for specific bloggers but for a solutions around the topic they are interested in.

With the power of the SheSaidBeauty platform and the size of the global community, the power of many is better than the power of one.

We are able to help combine all your blog posts on one central platform so they appear in search results better than they would if they were just appearing directly from your blog. It’s only through this content aggregation you appear higher in the search results more often, so more people discover you as a blogger and more people read your great blogs online.

You are more than welcome to have a SheSaidBeauty account without connecting your blog. The benefit of connecting your blog is to get your blogs being seen by as many people as possible around the world, not to drive traffic directly to your blog. The size of the SheSaidBeauty Community helps you to have the biggest audience you can, with thousands of new people from around the world discovering and reading your blogs that may never have without SheSaidBeauty helping you rank higher in search results.

We appreciate that different bloggers have different views on how they would like to be discovered. Growing a reading audience for some is most important and site traffic is most important for others.

Our aim is to support bloggers no matter what their choice and hope everyone enjoys the SheSaidBeauty community.

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Do you have a SheSaidBeauty Follow Widget?

Yes we do. Our Follow Widget and Follow Buttons are designed for you to help grow your following on the SheSaidBeauty platform.

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Can I manage my own content?

Yes. It is entirely your decision to share your blog posts, YouTube videos and photos with the global community.

You can disconnect your blog whenever you wish, but we think many people will be extremely disappointed when they can no longer discover your amazing work on SheSaidBeauty!

Made a mistake? You can delete individual blog posts at the top of each of your blog posts on SheSaidBeauty.

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